CPRE’s Final Response to BBC’s ”Draft Local Plan 2035

Please find the link to the CPRE Bedfordshire’s Final Comments on Bedford Council’s ”Draft Local Plan 2035 for Submission”

CPRE-Final Response


  1. R allen

    Thank you CPRE for your report which substantiates the argument against these developments.
    I feel that the Bedford Borough’s online consulting/objection form is difficult to understand and respond to – it does not explain he meanings of terms like ‘positively prepared’ or which drop down boxes to use under question 6 and 6a for particular objections. For example for objecting to Colworth ‘garden village’ I nearly mistakenly selected ‘Policy 6 – Development in the countryside ‘ when in actual fact it was ‘policy 27’ scrolling much further down which was particular to Colworth itself.
    I guess if I had inadvertently chosen the incorrect one and then objected against Colworth, my objection would have been misfiled and therefore not counted in.

    • NorthBedsAdmin

      Thank you for your comment. Indeed we have received many emails from the public asking for assistance with this very complicated form. It begs the question….’why has it been made so complicated?’

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