Santa Pod’s position regarding Colworth Garden Village

Below is the statement by Santa Pod:

Santa Pod Raceway would like to state their position regarding the proposed Colworth Garden Village development. We have been aware of the project since day one and were open to working with the site promotors to establish whether the sound produced by the raceway could be reduced to an acceptable level for potential new residents.

Following extensive negotiations with the Wrenbridge Estates we have unfortunately arrived at the conclusion that adequate sound mitigation measures were not possible. Being part of the project would have brought with it potential development benefits to the raceway in the shape of a new race control building and larger camping areas.

We now have a much clearer understanding of the insurmountable challenges faced by the promoters in reducing the sound emitted by Santa Pod. With potentially 4,500 new neighbours positioned much closer than our current supportive neighbours we feel that it would be unfair on new residents living so close and it would pose a very real and unacceptable risk to Santa Pod Raceway as a long standing international attraction.

We have had assurances from Bedford Borough Council that they do not wish Santa Pod Raceway to suffer as a result of the development and the Colworth proposal would not be submitted to the Planning Inspector if Santa Pod were opposed to the new houses next to the race track.

We will be making forthright representations to the local plan in defence of Santa Pod and cannot support the Colworth Garden Village proposal.


  1. R allen

    Living in Harrold I can contest that the noise of the drag Racing particularly on a weekend during the summer to autumn season is unbelievable considering the raceway is at least 3 miles away from us (as crow flies). Visitors to my home who are unaware of it have made comments such as ‘what an earth is that noise?!’ And are shocked when we tell them santa pod thinking santa pod is some way from us. Why anyone would want to build homes right next to the raceway I do not know – has the mayor ever visited this attraction I wonder? Would he like to relax in his garden to the sound on a sunny Saturday? All it will create is complaints from residents to Santa Pod which is unfair to Santa Pod as they have been there for years and are opposed to the Colworth development.

    • NorthBedsAdmin

      Thank you for your comment. As you say, if Policy 27 Colworth Garden Village is approved it would be both unwise and unfair to Santa Pod!

  2. John Peachey

    It really is incredible how opportunistic a developer can be. Clearly it would be impossible to deaden the noise of full-on drag racing to the satisfaction of 4500 residents living only yards from the race track. Their weekends would be a ruined! It must have been in the thinking of the developers that the real solution to curb the noise would be to shut down Santa Pod, a much-loved facility that has been giving pleasure to thousands since the sixties. Such arrogance!

    I have been a regular visitor to Santa Pod since the early seventies and I sincerely hope the council reject this proposal for good.

    • NorthBedsAdmin

      Indeed – let’s hope that this ridiculous idea is now gone for good and Santa Pod can carry on entertaining the many!

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