The Executive to decide on a Plan

Following the representations on the Local Plan 2035 ‘Plan for Submission’ which ended 29 March 2018 the Bedford Borough Council received over 3,200 individual representations. The Bedford Borough Council now state on their website:

”A key allocation within the plan is a new garden village at Colworth Park, in the north of the Borough near Santa Pod Raceway. It relies upon agreement between the garden village promoter and the operator of the raceway to deliver a range of noise mitigation measures. The response from the operator of the raceway confirms that it has not been possible to reach such an agreement which brings into doubt the deliverability of the scheme.”

The Executive is meeting on 16 May 2018 to consider a report and we understand decide a way forward.

The Council’s website has the details of the representations by various parties and the public, to read more on their website click

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